How NewAgeSys Leaders Uplift the Workplace Morale?

How NewAgeSys Leaders Uplift the Workplace Morale?

Workplaces can be tricky and nerve-racking at times. Every business organization must do its best to ensure job satisfaction for its employees. According to Forbes, “Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work.”

At NewAgeSys, we do everything we can to uplift workplace morale. Here are some methods we use to engage with our employees and provide a healthier work environment.

Measure Workplace Morale

The first thing we do to ensure that the employees working at NewAgeSys have a better work environment is to measure the workplace. After all, how can we know that workplace morale is uplifted unless we measure it first.

We do this by requesting regular open-ended feedback from our employees (Directly or anonymously). Apart from this, we also create questionnaires for asking more direct questions to our employees. We also use exit interviews to get valuable insights to measure workplace morale. 

Enhance Communication

Effective communication is a vital part of every successful workplace or organization. It boosts productivity and keeps the employees working at NewAgeSys connected, especially our remote teams. 

Remote working can often take more toll on the employee than expected. At NewAgeSys, we understand these little problems and try to come up with efficient solutions. We encourage everyone to keep open lines of communication available for our teams.

Empowering Employees

Another step to ensure workplace morale upliftment is to make the employees working at NewAgeSys feel validated. We evaluate how our teams work and entrust our employees to take responsibility for their work.

As a result, every aspect of the business experiences a change. We trust our employees to meet their respective deadlines and other expectations. We also make it a point to involve our employees in ideating and brainstorming processes.

Recognize Quality Work 

We give equal importance to recognizing our employees’ work just as much as empowering them to make better decisions at work. We also make it a point to analyze our interactions with our teams, including when we recognize good work.

Some methods that help us recognize quality work at NewAgeSys include 

  • Analyzing the frequency of our praise or recognition
  • Checking whether our award always comes with a correction. 

In our experience, even a few kind words of credit can positively affect the employees. 

Ensure Transparency

Another strategy to uplift work morale is to work on our transparency as a company. We utilize proactive activities to cultivate an efficient work culture. Besides that, simply running an ethical business can helps our employees feel good about their work.

Every business organization can accomplish a lot by being transparent with its employees. Appearing secretive in business operations can undermine employees’ trust in their company.

Introduce More Team Building Activities

There is no better way to build interpersonal relationships than through various team-building activities. Some of the team-building exercises include 

  • Trivia games
  • Work hack sharing
  • Escape room

Go To a Group Community Project

Besides the interactive team-building activities you see above, we also make time for group community projects. It gives us a chance to give back to the community and facilitates a chase for our employees to connect.

A community project can include charity events, volunteering opportunities, and similar events. We also make it a point to let our employees have a say in the company’s corporate giving. 

Never Micromanage 

Micromanaging does more harm to a business organization than good. Furthermore, it can significantly constrain the employees’ freedom and stop them from trying new and innovative ideas. Hence, we always make it a point to give our employees the space they need to bring out their best performance.

Search For Incentive Opportunities

Sometimes, the best way to motivate an employee is a little incentive. An incentive could be anything from comforting words to monetary benefits to holiday packages. The point is to make sure that the employees feel valued. We even use healthy competition within teams and offer rewards for the best performers.


Uplifting the workplace morale can sometimes be challenging. But with the right strategy and even better mindset, any business organization can improve their employees’ work life just like NewAgeSys.

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